Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Tonight (Saturday), after working at the BCC before going to bed, I decided to get some exercise, so I ran up and down stairs for an hour.  Occasionally, I took a break by going out onto the roof of the place we are staying and taking in the beauty.

It was amazing.  The sky was overall a deep purple shaded differently across the sky with hints of blue and a bit of pink.  Not as a sunset, but just an entirely purple night sky.  The view of the corner of Nairobi that we are staying in was incredible.  A light mist barely strong enough to call a sprinkle of rain filled the air around me as I paced the roof.

As I took in the gorgeous sky and admired God’s vastness, power, beauty, and goodness, Hillsong United blared in my headphones.  God reminded me of His presence and love through the lyrics that came at just the right times, leading me to worship God in that special place.

“How precious is the flow that makes me white as snow!"

“You know my dreams and you have a plan.”

God is good.  He has blessed me beyond belief on this trip.  I know I have to go home in less than a week, and I know God will continue to use me in different ways, but I hope and pray that I will remember how truly blessed I am to be a part of furthering His kingdom, and be filled with joy because of it every day of my life as I am here and now.

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