Saturday, August 3, 2013

So Good (In The Classrooms)

Having a classroom full of kids is stressful, crazy, and intimidating.  I never really appreciated what teachers do before (somewhat) becoming one for a month.  It’s often so hard to tell how they are responding, if they are having fun or learning what they need to know or not.

…But I absolutely love it.  The kids finished their exams yesterday, so they were in school today, but it was just a day of having fun and hanging out before getting started with work again next week.  So basically they were fighting over my presence in their classroom, and we had a TON of fun.

I bounced around between class 5, 6, and 7 (all of whom I was teaching the math classes of before exams started), and each time I left one they begged me to be back later.

I taught them songs that we sung while dancing around, games that they loved playing, riddles that are common in America but absolutely stumped them, and Bible stories with the lessons of how we should live and respond to God.

Every time we did something, it was whatever they begged me to do with them.  So, all day, I was coming up with games, songs, and stories on the spot.

Between classes when we were just hanging out, they LOVED playing with my hair, asking me questions about myself, grabbing my hand, playing outside with me, attempting to take pictures with my camera, holding my bag for me, and getting hugs from me.

As different as the classroom environment and teacher-to-student interactions are here, kids are kids.  They are out of control and crazy, especially when I let them do things like having a singing and dancing competition or teach them to play Pictionary on the blackboard, and we decide to do boys verses girls.

I love playing with them.  I love teaching them about God’s grace and love and the importance of faith and trust in Him through stories that they love listening to.  I love teaching them songs to worship Him and watching them come alive, filled with the joy of the Lord.  I love loving them, collectively and the ones I have come to know individually.

Being here is incredible.  I can’t even begin to describe my joy.  God has been so good to me!

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