Thursday, August 8, 2013

Update: Not On My Way Home

As many of you know, I was supposed to be on my way home right now.  As many of you also know, part of Nairobi’s international airport caught on fire yesterday morning.  So we are basically trapped in Kenya until further notice.

As of right now, we’ve rebooked for a flight leaving the evening of August 20th, getting us home the 22nd.  We are doing what we can to get home sooner because a couple of the girls on my team have family emergencies, and we all have work and/or school.  Change is a realistic option because they are doing security checks on the airport and don't really know anything about when they will start flying out again until they know the cause of the fire (whether or not it was an accident and whether or not we are in danger).  Please pray.

What is most important is that we are all safe, trusting God, and believe that this is all somehow a part of His plan.  He has a reason for us to still be in Kenya.  It's scary, but we know that He is in control.  Prayers that we would trust His will, get home as soon as possible, and figure out where we can stay cheaply and safely until then would be greatly appreciated.

On the bright side for y’all, I just did a mass-publishing of blog posts that I have been typing in word documents, unable to post because we haven’t had wifi!  So now you can read all about my trip, although there will soon be more to say seeing as we are still here!

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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