Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Go and make disciples of all nations" -Jesus

In just a couple days, I leave for my mission trip to Kenya, and I could not be more excited!!!!  I just want to take a chance now to reflect on my heartbeat with this mission before I head out, and so, naturally, that means a blog post.  Here goes!

Deciding to spend a month serving in Nairobi instead of returning to Covenant Harbor Bible Camp for another summer was an absolutely crazy experience that I can 100% credit to God.  I'm SO thankful I still got to go back to camp to volunteer for a week and visit; being a counselor, falling in love with a group of girls, and presenting the gospel and Jesus to them in new ways to help them finally get it for the first time... I love the work God does at camp.  The way He moves still blows my mind just thinking about it. Regardless, God placed his children in Kenya on my heart as well, and has directed me to take this amazing opportunity to serve Him there, so I'm trusting Him and going!  As hard as it is to not be spending the summer at CHBC, I keep reminding myself that God's plans for me are perfect and fully good!  Plus, Kenya is going to be such an incredible experience!

Going through the pre-departure devotional book provided by Buckner, I've gotten the chance to reflect and focus on what my mission truly is.  In his life on earth, Jesus made it super clear what He wanted from his followers after He left: love everyone, meet needs, share the good news, and make disciples.  Obviously, that's the life mission of everyone who has chosen to follow Jesus, which doesn't necessarily mean we should all be fulltime missionaries or anything, but that we should live with that as our goal in our daily lives, wherever we are.  I'm still figuring out what that's going to look like for me... I'm 20, and I still change my career path plans about every five minutes, but I know what my mission is, whatever I do.  I will love everyone, meet needs, share the good news, and make disciples.  That's my plan, and that's what my focus is, for both this trip and for my life!

I'm so excited!!!!  A HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who contributed in any way-- from financial donations to letting me babysit to prayers-- every single contribution was so so so important because I met my goal exactly.  God is good; I can't wait to see how He moves.  Thank you for your continued support through prayers!


  1. Praying for you Rachel! So glad you get to go out with Jesus like this :)
    Mie (Memo)

  2. Rachel -

    It has been great to read some of your blogs, and to be inspired by your zest for sharing Christ's love and for seeking deeper understanding of the cultural elements which will allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you with more love and compassion as you embrace the people you encounter.
    We will be praying for you, checking out your blog, and getting updates from your Mom and Dad as you journey.
    God Speed!
    Jeff King

    1. Thanks, Mr. King! Praying for the Holy Spirit to speak through me with that love and compassion :) Thank you so so so much for your support!!!